4 Books You Need to be Reading Now if You Want to be Rich

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Education continues to be the best way for you to achieve success, wealth, and personal growth.  Formal education has typically been the primary way for you to accomplish those goals.  However, self-education has become even more important due to the relatively high cost of paid courses and the lack of financial intelligence taught in traditional educational programs.

The good thing is that all of the knowledge that we require can be found in books.  For less than $20 in most cases, we have access to the knowledge of successful people and insight into how they became a success.

Here are 4 books that I’ve read recently that have helped me and will help you on your journey to being financially successful.

Think and Grow Rich:  Napoleon Hill

This Napoleon Hill classic continues to be a must-read if you want to be financially successful.  Although it was written in 1937, the ideas and mindset taught by Hill are timeless.

He takes you through what your mindset should be in order for you to build wealth.  People who are rich did not become so without a definitive goal and careful planning.

You have to visualize yourself accumulating wealth, but Hill goes beyond that.  He advises that you decide how much money you want to earn, when you’re going to earn it and exactly what you’re going to do to make.

This sort of specificity has proven effective, even today.  Entrepreneurs are encouraged to choose a very specific niche and demonstrate exceptional skill within that narrow area.  Narrowing your focus makes you more valuable once you have located your target audience.

Visualization plays a big part in Hill’s teaching, however, this psychological method can be traced back to DaVinci, who credits detailed visualizations for his ability to create his inventions.

Hill’s main point is to put all your focus into increasing your wealth.  With the right focus, planning and visualization, you will achieve your income goals.

Rich Dad Poor Dad:  Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki first published this book in 1997, but a large part of the book focuses on the lessons about money that he learned as a child.  This was one of the first times that ordinary people got a glimpse into how the wealthy think about money.

The book was focused on highlighting the differences in how wealthy children are taught to think about money versus how middle class families think about money.  This financial intelligence is not taught in the school system, which is how it is only passed down through wealthy families.

Kiyosaki’s Poor dad in this case is his real father, and the Rich dad is his best friends father.  Middle class households teach their kids to go to school, get good grades, and go to a good college.  After college, you need to get a good, stable job and work for 40 years and then retire.

During your working years, you hope you can save up enough money to live on until you die.  By this time, you would have spent all, or most of your money and have nothing to leave to your kids.

This was Kiyosaki’s poor dad’s plan and he intended on Robert going down the same path.  However, Kiyosaki’s rich dad was a business owner and he had a different view of money and building wealth.  He taught Kiyosaki the principles of investments and the idea of your money working for you.

One of the most important lessons that you will learn in this book is the difference between Assets and Liabilities.  Kiyosaki’s rich dad knew the difference and understood the importance of buying Assets to generate money for you.  This additional cash flow is what would be used to cover your expenses.


Influence:  Robert Cialdini

When I first came across this book, I assumed it was a sales book.  However, as you get into it, you soon realize how much influence and persuasion plays a role in so many things we do.

The primary lesson in this book is the psychology around why people say “yes”.  Whether you’re in a sales situation, influencing a decision at work or trying to skip in line at the grocery store, there is something in here for you.

Cialdini takes us through the reasons why people generally agree to things and the psychology around it.  These lessons are backed up by studies that were done around them so we have real world examples of their implementations.

The most interesting things you will get from this book are the subtle ways you can change a no to a yes.  Cialdini explains how to taps into the triggers that we all have to make us agree to things that we would typically not.

Influence is a must read if you’re in business or looking to expand your career.  Use these techniques to generate more sales today and be on your way to building wealth.

Unshakeable:  Tony Robbins

If you’re familiar with any of Tony Robbins material, you know the quality of the information that you’ll be getting.  When it comes to his lessons about money, the story is the same.

Tony has taken the time to interview the wealthiest and most successful investors to get their secrets.  You will learn lessons from Ray Dalio and Peter Mallouk who have studied the market for decades and have proven to be very successful for themselves and their clients.

However, when you listen to the experts in the field of investing, you don’t hear what you would expect.  The average person would expect to hear some super complex, NASA type of formula to understand how to pick the right stock that’s going to make you a billionaire.

What you learn from the experts, is that making money in the market is much more simple than it would appear.  The bottom line is that the market as a whole continues to outperform any stock picking strategy you can implement.

There are many examples of cases where people have attempted to beat the market and have proven unsuccessful.  Tony drives this lesson home.  In fact, he really wants you to know that there is no huge secret to the accumulation of wealth.  Anybody can do it and this book is a good place to start.

Tony walks you through the best ways to take advantage of this knowledge.  He has specific steps that you can do to take you through how to setup your accounts.  He shows you how to pick the right company to open your investment accounts with, and really makes everything simple.


To conclude,

I recommend reading these books on your journey to financial freedom:

Think and Grow Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad




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