4 Things You Need to Start Doing to be a Job Search Ninja


Like the majority of people in corporate America, you probably look for your next job while working for your current employer.  That is perfectly normal and the way that you should do it.  However, there are some things that you should be doing, or could do better, to make this process successful, free of stress and undetectable (like a ninja).

Make Use of Your Smart Phone

Most of you, if not all, probably have a smart phone.  You’re probably reading this on that phone right now.  That is good.  Your phone will be your best tool when it comes to job searching.

While we still may do job searches from our computers at home, a lot of the job searches will take place on our phones.  However, you should make sure you’re taking full advantage of what it has to offer.

The best way to perform your searches are through Apps.  My favorite one has been Glassdoor.  The app and the service are free, but they will ask you to divulge your salary as a cost of using the service.  That information is safe and is the reason behind one of the best features of the app.

Most of the jobs that you come across on Glassdoor include the salary range of the potential job.  This is a priceless feature.  You do not want to have to guess the pay range of a job based on its title.

Sometimes you can get a good idea of the salary after reading the responsibilities and understanding the industry, but this takes the guess work out of it.  Now, they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but it at least gives you a gauge of what to expect.

Keep Your Resume Handy at all Times

Another feature that is available from your smart phone is access to Cloud storage.  Now, whether this storage is iCloud, Google Drive or One Drive, you need to keep a updated copy of your resume saved in the cloud.

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There will be situations where you may have a recruiter call you at work and want to go through your resume with you.  The ability to pull  it up from your phone makes you look prepared and helps you speak confidently about your experiences.  You do not want to try to answer questions about your resume completely from memory.  Also, you don’t have to try and print out your resume at work or carry it around, trying to not look suspicious.  Not a good idea.

Another huge benefit that is available is the ability to apply for jobs from your phone.  Before recently, our mobile operating systems would not allow you to upload a resume from your mobile browser.  Now, when you’re on the employers career site and need to attach a document, your cloud drives appear as options.  You simply upload a recent copy of your resume right there from your phone.

There can be an urgency to some job applications so being able to submit your application while most of your competition is at work can be a benefit.  On average, the likelihood that you are picked to interview drops by 75% after 3 days from the date the job was posted.  So, the sooner you apply, the better your chances.

Take Vacation for Job Interviews

So, we’ve all seen it.  The guy who wears jeans everyday to work comes to work in suit pants, a freshly pressed shirt and his best pair of oxfords.  And then he needs to leave early for a ” doctors appointment”.  Yeah right.

Don’t be that guy.  Nobody should know that you are looking for a new job.  When you behave like this, it is clear what you are doing and then the rumor mill gets started.  You may not be in violation of any specific rules that would put your job at risk, but your reputation may be.

Imagine if you were a manager or part of a small team.  It’s difficult to be respected as a team player or as a manager when people assume you’re eyeing the exit.

If you’re in the process of interviewing, you need to officially request time off.  You may only need to take half a day off, which could be easier on you.  But it is a mistake to call in from work every time you have an interview.  You also shouldn’t wear any obvious interview attire into the office.

Both of these choices can risk your current job.  You do not want to put your current money in jeopardy to chase the possibility of a new money.

Update Your LinkedIn

Yes, people still use LinkedIn, and they use it regularly.  It is the go-to site for connecting professionals you know and those you don’t know.  However, not many people realize that recruiters search LinkedIn for potential candidates.

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That’s right.  Recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn without you knowing it.  If your LinkedIn profile does not grab their attention, you may be loosing jobs that you don’t even know about.

Making your profile effective and keeping it up to date is a requirement to be a competitive candidate.  Once you have updated your resume, use that as your guide to update your LinkedIn profile.  You can have much more information in LinkedIn, but the tone and language should match your resume.

Now, you should not wait until you decide to look for a job to make major changes to your profile.  You should update it now and keep it updated.  Major and sudden updates to LinkedIn make it clear that you’re in the market for a new job.  You should not be that obvious.

It is also smart for your to grow your network regularly.  Friend a number of your former coworkers and friends, but then befriend THEIR friends.  Having a large network will make you easier to find by recruiters.  This will also come in hand if you need a referral or an introduction to a hiring manager and you have a connection already.

To recap…

Make use of your smart phone

Be able to access your resume from anywhere

Request time off when doing interviews

LinkedIn is your friend


Use these tips to make your job search productive while preserving your relationship with your current employer.

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  1. I just starting using Linkedin and it’s a pretty good site. Plus I use my smartphone. I’m looking to retire early in the next few years from the airlines and will be looking for other positions. Good article Brian thanks.


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