5 Ways to Make Money from a Side Hustle


Make Money From a Side Hustle

We all want to make more money, but a lot of us do not know where to start.  The first thing that we think about is trying to get a raise at work or searching for a new job.  These are not bad ideas, but you are limiting your options.  

In this post, you will learn about a few ideas for making extra money that you may not have thought about and may not have ever heard of. 



The concept of freelancing has historically been associated with jobs like journalist or graphic designer.  The word is synonymous with consultant, and not the highly paid Don Cheadle kind. We think of someone who could not get  a full-time job and had to resort to “contract” work. 

This industry has completely changed due to the internet and other technologies.  There are now companies like Upwork and Remote.com who specialize in connecting companies to freelancers from all sorts of industries and locations.  Our ability to perform tasks virtually has completely opened up this market to anybody with a skill and an internet connection.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the lesser known fields has to be Affiliate Marketing.  Before starting my blog, I had no knowledge  this industry existed. Affiliate Marketing is selling other people products for them.  That’s it.  It’s not very complicated, but executing it successfully can be difficult. This is one of the most popular ways that people are making money online.  It’s benefits are that you can do it virtually and the company you are selling for own the inventory and handles the shipping. 

Start a Blog

Blogging has also become a popular business model.  I’m sure you’ve heard of somebody who is a full time blogger and just thought that was code for unemployed. However, there is real money to be made. The money is not for the blogging itself, it is from creating an audience and then selling to that audience.

You can sell your own products or affiliate products.  If you have enough regular visitors, you can run Ads and make money from the advertisers paying you.  Your blog can become the source of traffic generation for your business.   Get started now with your own hosting through Bluehost.  Click below.


Start a Physical Products Business

The internet has made it possible for you to create and sell physical products and never physically see your products or customer.  Amazon is the leader in this space through their product Amazon FBA. How this works is you design a product and find a company anywhere in the world to create the product. Once created, they ship it to Amazon.  Amazon will store your inventory for you and ship it out to your customers who made the purchase through your website.

Create Your Own Marketing or Consulting Company

Another benefit of the internet and social media is the ability to create virtual Marketing companies and virtual Consulting companies. The focus of marketing has shifted from billboards and commercials google and social media. There is a new industry being created around social media marketing and Google SEO.

 Most large companies have a social media presence, but many small businesses do not.  Anyone who knows social media marketing or wants to learn it can create a company and create an online presence for their local small businesses.  These companies have been known to pay between $500 and $5,000 per month for someone who can drive additional traffic to their place of business.

Pair this skill with Google SEO (search engine optimization) and you can easily create a profitable side hustle. 


The days of taking a side job at the mall are over.  We have to be more creative when looking at ways to increase our income.


So remember:



Affiliate Marketing


Physical Products Business

Start a Marketing/Consulting Business


It’s become more difficult for you to become financially free on one income working for somebody else.  Let’s get that side hustle going!


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