Received that dreaded denial email? Wondering ‘What did I do wrong’?  Don’t fire shots in the dark. It is time to have targeted goals and predictable results. Career Intellect helps you work through those tough questions and excel beyond the competition. We are ready to help you plan your next steps. 

We realize the career/ compensation chase is grueling. It’s frustrating to put your best foot forward only to receive unexpected results. 

 Let us help you increase your odds. We review dozens of resumes and and prepare you for an interview from the perspective company.  Leverage our insight into managers and recruiters hiring desires. 

Resume Intellect

An online professional development course

Finally… a step by step program that shows you how to create a resume that gets you noticed and gets you the interview.

We’ve created a system that takes you step by step, no matter your experience level.Learn the secrets the recruiters are using to review resumes AND learn how to beat them.

Are you ready to…

  • Get the job of your dreams?Get the pay that you deserve?
  • Take charge of your own career tools?

Present your expertise, skills and education in a way that captures the attention of the recruiters and hiring managers… AND do it in 6 seconds.